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Editorial Reviews. About the Author. Anne Berkeley is a Philadelphia suburb native who works full time. She spends her nights and weekends with her husband.
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It's mostly because the two of them agreeing to a threesome with each other would be very much against the history of both characters. KingHochmeister User 26 Aug 13, A bit of a stretch, but I'm certain it falls in the "oft-discussed" category? I'd also argue killing her wasn't really the plan, just a possible side-effect do also bear in mind, it's Ciri who states that, and it might have just been Avallac'h who fed it to her We don't really know Eredin's plans, all we get is hearsay. Last edited: Aug 13, Sephira User 27 Aug 13, Thanks OP, I had a good laugh, maybe there's an answer to the Sun Stone but really that's the only reply one can think of.

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Riven-Twain said:. I've one as well: Why is the Wild Hunt a pack of chilly alien elves in heavy armour, when traditionally it was a tempestuous ghostly cavalcade led by fallen heroes and gods of Germanic legend? Spoiler: Answer: Spoiler Sapkowski. I know. Rawls Moderator 28 Aug 13, Spoiler Basically Eredin wants to open the gate between worlds so he can transport vast numbers of the Wild Hunt at once. This will allow him to escape the White Frost temporarily. It is likely he does not believe the white frost can be "defeated.

Tempestuous (The Wild Hunt Series #1) by Anne Berkeley

KingHochmeister User 29 Aug 13, Spoiler But that's more explictly described in the books. They had their chance with a possible EE, but sadly, they are not going for it. StandardEpiphany User 30 Aug 13, KingHochmeister said:. That's the thing, we have no idea, maybe Eredin's sages and advisers suddenly went lore-friendly and said she won't be capable of ever defeating the White Frost, but her offspring would be able to, and they were running out of time to catch her, breed the offspring, train the offspring to defeat the White Frost so Eredin went with the Military plan.

Then why didn't Avallac'h say so to Eredin? And if he did, did Eredin actually consider the plan over his desire to free his Aen Seidhe cousins from humans? And if so, then why Ge'els chose the death of a regicide even if it meant the death of his entire people? Besides all the jokes here, there are some narrative plotholes that will never be answered unless somehow the Gwent Campaigns are purely designed for that purpose , which is a shame.

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KingHochmeister User 31 Aug 13, StandardEpiphany said:. The whole Wild Hunt situation is a clusterfuck. It is, unfortunately, the weakest part in the whole trilogy, poorly written, inconsistent, and blatantly tropey Sapkowski's take on it wasn't great to begin with, mind you. And it's impossible to fix as it would basically require a do-over. Sephira User 32 Aug 13, Man I feel I am the only one liking Aen Elle and Wild Hunt little story arc in the books, but being its resolution confined in just 2 chapters and 1 dialogue Nimue talking about Ard Gaeth I hoped the game would have developed it on a grand scale because for me there's the necessary source and they did good with W1.

That's one of my biggest disappointments about W3.

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