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The Short Victorious War book. Read reviews from the world's largest community for readers. The proles are families who rule the Peopl.
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Only this time the Peeps face something different. This time they're up against Captain Honor Harrington and a Royal Manticoran Navy that's prepared to give them a war that's far from short - or victorious. A Note from Author David Weber There's been some confusion—not to say, um, energetic debate, readers and fans being readers and fans—about the correct pronunciation of "Manticoran.

An error occurred. A mistake was made… and it wasn't Audible's fault. It was mine. Before Audible recorded the very first Honor Harrington book, narrator Allyson Johnson and I not only corresponded by e-mail but actually spoke to one another by phone. She wanted to make absolutely certain she had the correct pronunciations for names, places, star nations, etc.

What did you like about this audiobook? For my. How has the book increased your interest in the subject matter?

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I was a little worried that the series would start to become repetitive Honor faces huge odds, Honor's ship barely survives, Honor becomes an interplanetary hero , and perhaps by the time I hit book 11 it will be, but this book is significantly different. Does the author present information in a way that is interesting and insightful, and if so, how does he achieve this?

I like her; whilst some of her accents are a bit questionable sometimes, but she has a lot of characters she needs to differentiate between. The whole. What did you find wrong about the narrator's performance? Enjoyable, exciting, interesting. Not great literature, but very good writing and dialog for a sci-fi series. Characters, if not fully 3D, are at least 2. Do you have any additional comments? Weber does a good job writing about a near zero-sexism culture without completely ignoring sexism like the Lost Fleet series but also without being blazingly obvious and preachy about it.

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The previous book, which addressed the issue directly by pitting Honor against two different patriarchies one openly misogynistic, the other less so, but still very chauvinistic , did it in an interesting manner; this book doesn't specifically address the issue, although it does reveal the fact that sexual assault still exists in Honor's world. Each time I finish one, I wonder whether I'm dumb or if this series is just not my cup of tea.

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There's a ton of politics, military strategy and tactics involved in this war, and you will get "in the head" of a lot of important players on both sides. I found myself getting bogged down with who's who and all the detail. Then my mind would wander till something interested me again. One thing I did enjoy in this book was the softer side which Honor showed. One reviewer called it stupid character building, but I was tired of her always being disciplined, smart and perfect all the time.

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You should listen to this series in order, as the plot continues from book to book. If you like complicated plots and are ready to wear your thinking cap, you will probably rate this 5 stars.

It has the same great space tactics and battles but less characters to keep straight and less politics. I also prefer its male narrator. Well written enjoyable story with interesting characters and plenty of action.

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I was just a little disappointed in the narration. Seemed a little stilted with emphisis not necessarily in the right spots.

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I thought it might just be a matter of my getting used to it, but still had the same impression of the narration at the end of the book. This is an insightful review of the issues that come to bear on a galactic conflict in terms of logistics and risk of forces. If you send a fleet on place, another remains uncovered and you have the classic 'wack-a-mole' problem. Good stuff.

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Dark clouds are smouldering into red While down the craters morning burns. Would have given this book a 3, mildly interesting. But author spent way too much time on ship configuration and war capabilities details.

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Like all of the other Honour Harrington books this very much does down the route of providing good enjoyable fodder. I loved this book. Your audiobook is waiting….

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By: David Weber. Narrated by: Allyson Johnson. Series: Honor Harrington , Book 3. Length: 13 hrs and 47 mins. People who bought this also bought Stirling Narrated by: Victor Bevine, L. Listen to another Honor Harrington adventure. What members say Average Customer Ratings Overall. Amazon Reviews.

Sort by:. Most Helpful Most Recent. A Short Victorious War This is the third book in this series, and is building more about the leading character Honor Harrington. Amazon Customer Honor again This book had a great deal of back story and not enough real action. I still like the character but hope something more happens in the next book 1 of 1 people found this review helpful.

Charles M Gardner Heather Great book Full of action and romance. An increasingly interesting series What did you like about this audiobook? For my How has the book increased your interest in the subject matter? The whole What did you find wrong about the narrator's performance? AudioAddict Maybe I'm just stupid Good Story; Narration a little off Well written enjoyable story with interesting characters and plenty of action. Brian D.