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In the face of imminent annihilation, a population makes a last stand against insurmountable odds. Astronomicon: Those Left Behind is the epic account of the .
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After unwittingly discovering the bizarre secret of the prototype vessel, the crew of the Icarus end up fighting for their very survival against a superior and unexpected enemy.

In the face of imminent annihilation, a population makes a last stand against insurmountable odds.

Until further notice, we have reduced the price on Amazon to a mere 99c in the US, 77p in the UK and similarly low prices in all other regions check the price on your local Amazon site before purchasing. This makes the introductory novel of the epic Astronomicon science fiction series truly excellent value at just 99c for over pages of quality sci fi. See Amazon to find out moreā€¦. We are thrilled to be able to announce that Astronomicon: Those Left Behind has finally been launched. It is already available for purchase and download from Amazon.


Classic science fiction that will appeal to fans of Arthur C. Astronomicon: Those Left Behind is the epic account of the deadly invasion of the Eridani homeworld. Caught up in the mayhem and destruction, one man strives to save his children. And that was pretty much it. They continued to lunch together, it seems, along with colleagues, but at the end of Jackson left to take up the post of principal of Sind College, Karachi.

At this time, Housman was keeping a diary, though you could hardly call it "keeping" since most of the pages remained blank. There are entries which follow the progress of Jackson's boat to India, and afterwards a few references to "he" and "him" - "Posted letter to him" was about as garrulous as they got.

Apart from home leaves, Jackson remained in India until he retired in and moved to Canada. What this amounts to is that for all but the first 10 years from their meeting at Oxford, Housman and Jackson lived thousands of miles apart. The rainy Pleiads wester And seek beyond the sea The head that I shall dream of, And 'twill not dream of me.

Indeed, it had no name, or barely - "homosexual" entered the language at about this time. The line bounced out of the Wilde trial into the phrase books, having been minted by Lord Alfred Douglas in a poem in an Oxford undergraduate magazine, The Chameleon. The three trials of Oscar Wilde occurred in April and May , during the period when Housman found his muse.

One should not make too much of this, but rather less of Housman's reply to a correspondent, I did not begin to write poetry in earnest until the really emotional part of my life was over; and my poetry, so far as I could make out, sprang chiefly from physical conditions, such as a relaxed sore throat during my most prolific period, the first five months of Housman sent a copy of A Shropshire Lad to Wilde when he came out of prison.

He mentioned in a letter of , "Robert Ross told me that when he visited his friend in jail he learned some of the poems by heart and recited them to him One must beware of colouring his entire existence from the palette of posthumous poetry.

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Housman loved a good joke, and made many. He loved food and wine, especially during holidays in France. A few months after Housman died, Laurence wrote to Pollard.

How did humanity warp-travel before the Astronomican? : 40kLore

Was Jackson lively or witty; and was he anything like as fond of A as A was of him? Jackson was often lively, but not at all witty; I think it was the simplicity and singleheartedness that attracted A When the three friends were middle-aged men, there was a "jolly interlude" recalled by Pollard, who'd had them to stay overnight at his house in Wimbledon. Anyhow, we became very youthful and light-hearted.


At the time of the third letter, about Pollard's planned anthology of Odes, Jackson was in London again, on home leave from India. Oct 28 '89 My dear Pollard, [ Housman's diary shows that he saw Jackson only twice, the second time on "Monday Nov: 18 - He came to me at the Office a little after 3".